Click & Collect by AlzaBox: A win-win for your customers and your retail business

Leverage the open plug & play AlzaBox platform for your orders directly in your stores

Customers love click & collect because the service is free and highly convenient. Retailers are increasing footfall in their stores and breaking down the boundaries between the online and brick-and-mortar environments.
A Win for
  • They appreciate the low or non-existent shipping costs
  • They can pick up their orders 24/7 independent of opening hours
  • Instant pick-up without having to wait for a courier or service staff
  • Simple and reliable text message communication in one place
  • AlzaBoxes constitute a familiar environment used by over 800,000 users per month
A Win for
  • They increase customer satisfaction and confidence
  • They have full control over the quality of the service until the moment the parcel is picked up
  • With Click & Collect, they don't have to package their goods
  • They don't need to invest in the development of their in-house infrastructure
  • They reduce and optimise the cost of shipping services, saving money for the whole business
  • They pay only for the used space in AlzaBox with no CAPEX investment
  • They can use the platform without IT integration

Once you have "your" AlzaBox in front of the store…

1. The customer orders goods on your e-shop

2. Selects Click & Collect delivery in the shopping cart

3. Order fulfillment takes place in your store

4. Your sales personnel will promptly deposit the purchase into "your" AlzaBox

5. We will send the customer a text message

6. Done, the customer can pick up their order

Why should you use AlzaBoxes
for Click & Collect?

We have been operating 2,000 boxes in three countries for more than 8 years

We keep improving the entire platform, both for our partners and users

A team of technicians working 7 days a week, with 24/7 call support

Top features - camera, lights, large display, lock, etc.

Very fast rollout - including construction, delivery and commissioning

Branding under your control

95% of the box area can be branded in your colours

You can use the display for your own communication purposes

No ads or third-party communications

Rozšiřte svá výdejní místa,
buďte zákazníkům blíž

Ekonomický způsob řešení poslední míle

Vysokou kapacitu AlzaBoxů uvítají vaši zákazníci během špičky i za běžného provozu.

Rozšíření sítě podle vaší představy

Rozmístění boxů i jejich vlastnosti dokážeme přizpůsobit specifickým požadavkům.

Férový obchodní model

Z obchodního modelu neplynou žádné závazky, platíte jen za jednotlivé rezervace schránky.

AlzaBox connectivity options

No Integration

A simple and quick option for connecting Click & Collect boxes

The box reservation will be made by a store employee in the online web application when preparing the order.

The AlzaBox Click & Collect platform sends notifications about the current status and the pick-up options to the customer

Perfect for MVP or smaller businesses handling up to 50 orders per day

With Integration

Connected directly to the shopping cart using an open API to ensure full process automation

After the customer completes the purchase, the box is automatically reserved based on the AlzaBox capacity

A unique PIN code is used for order deposit and customer pick-up

All communication with the customer associated with Click & Collect pick-up is outbound from your system